Time to go!

7 December 2014, Sunday

Finally the day is here! I have spent the past few days whining and complaining about packing. Gosh, its the hardest to pack for winter. All the many layers of clothes and the fat jackets…..but its not only about experiencing a different weather, its all about experiencing a different culture and environment.

Thank God today is Sunday and so the family was able to send me. We went out earlier for lunch since Mum’s not cooking.

Picked up this girl! Funnily, she is always there to send me off to my holiday lol.


I found the magic in vacuum bags and so I was able to squeeze everything into my luggage and my backpack.


Opss, you cannot come sweetie, maybe when you are older lol.


Travelling with the bestie’s family also means that the entire family is set to send us off. These kids…..look at how cute they are.


I gotta take a photo with these two cuties.


Umair decided to join them and suddenly its like a battle of curly hair lol.


Mama wanted to ‘borrow’ Mariam because she was too adorable.


It was actually pretty chaotic. There were so many family members around lol.


Oh well, time to go. Transiting in Bangkok for 4 hours.


The aim for this trip is not to fall down or do anything too clumsy.


I think it will be hard. Please wish us all the best!