What Monday should be like

Welcome December. I have been waiting for you all year. Still can’t believe you are finally here and I survived the entire year in one piece. Oh well…most parts of me anyway.

We decided to meet today to celebrate the bestie’s birthday. We wanted to meet on Friday but since Fidah was not able to make it we changed it to Monday instead. Unfortunately, Fidah still was not able to make it due to her mom’s health so we went ahead without her. We wish we could reschedule it again but we were going to fly in a week’s time, there was no more time for us.

We decided to go check out this place that has really great reviews online. Its a little inconvenient because there were no train stations nearby. The nearest was Toa Payoh station and even so, you need to take the bus. Being the lazy me, I simply made my arms do the work of flagging a cab.

I was the first to arrive and there were not many people. It was about 11.15 am and its a Monday so I guess most people are working?


I got us a seat near the pool and even though the cafe was not air conditioned, it was pretty cooling.

I love the rustic design of the cafe and I was wondering if this motorcycle still works. Lol.


I decided to order coffee first while chilling and waiting for the other two.


The bestie is finally here!


We were starving from no breakfast but we did not want to start eating without Mich so as soon as she arrives, we ordered food! Naan sandwiches! First time eating this!


What was interesting was that each naan sandwich comes with tacos as a side.


We did not know that. We had ordered these beef fries to share with each other.


Too hungry so we dig in as soon as the photos arrived. Yeah, I even took the photos of the food quickly because I was hungry lol. While we are slightly sad that Fidah could not make it, we were also glad that Mich could make it!


Love the really nice ambience. Even the songs the chose to play on repeat mode were of good taste. This is me trying to take a nice selfie but failed. One with small eyes and one with fail tudung.


Finally gave the bestie the photobook that I have been working on for the past 2 weeks! It contained pictures from our Europe trip. I wish it was thicker so I could fit in more photos but it was too damn expensive. Lol.


For some reasons I thought the photos would be sharper. I am too fussy on the quality of photos. I only want the best! I still hope the bestie will like it.


While browsing the photobook, it was time for dessert. Gave the staff at the counter a heads up and they offered to play the birthday song for the bestie. How nice!


Happy birthday! Even though its very belated! You are finally the same age as me. Stop calling me Unnnie!


Here’s to more birthdays to come…..


Thank you to Mich dear who liked the photobook that I put together!


Doughnuts with salted egg yolk as dip. Wow, its so yummy I think I can drink the dip.


It was really nice just to chill and eat on Monday! How often can we do this?! Only during the holidays!


Thank you ladies for the wonderful company! This is the real crazy us.

19 20

Overall, this place is really nice. I would come back soon but perhaps only on holidays like this. It felt therapeutic to be near waters I guess and I really like that its peaceful and quiet, away from the bustling crowd.


We took a cab to Plaza Singapura because we had to grab some stuffs from there. After about an hour and a half, we ended up here.


Frozen yogurt! My favourite! Its supposed to be healthy but with all the toppings, I don’t think it is anymore. Lol. Actually I needed to sit down after walking for too long. Yeah, lower backache, only happens to old people like me.

Love my Monday. If only every Monday is like this.