Foodie weekend with loves

I always spend the week before I fly off to vacation with my close ones. Time is such a precious commodity and I am in an urgent state to meet with everyone, catch up over a meal or coffee in the few days that I have.

I spent my Saturday with the parents. I know it may seems like I have meals with my parents on every weekend but that is not true. I do try my best to do that but sometimes there may be events that I have to attend and that would be lesser or no time with them.We usually have lunch or dinner together since the weekend is ‘no cook day’ for Mum lol.

After zumba in the morning and after spending an hour of therapy at Mad’s shop, we went for dinner. I was starving of course. I had bread after zumba and that was considered my lunch. I needed to collect a photobook from Tampines One so I suggested we ate dinner there. There are not many choices with restaurants as the number of halal restaurants in Tampines One is limited so I chose Fish and Co.


I know Baba is a fan of seafood like me! Except I don’t eat the sotongs or anything with shells. This is when I asked them to smile and pose for a nice photo.


This is when I told them to do a crazy pose. Its much better right? Lol.


Its the last day or November and we are finally able to meet to celebrate Joyce’s birthday! Every year, I must set aside some time to celebrate her birthday because she one of the closest friend to me. As usual, I had to look for a suitable place and after a few discussions, we decided to meet at J’s restaurant.

My closely knitted friends for the night.

3 4

Before ordering, the waiter suggested we order the salad because he said that it will be served in a long plate and it will be worth it to share. So we did.


Let the birthday girl dig in first!


The thing about J’s restaurant is that even though their menu may seem limited, the quality of each dish is excellent. You will love it here if you love mexican food. I like it because the food is unique and you can’t find it anywhere else.



First time tasting beef steak since most of my friends are not fans of beef. This was delicious too even though I am not a fan of beef.


However, what I really loveeee about J’s is the dessert! I have been here a couple of times so I have tasted all the desserts.

Bread pudding. This reminds me, I have been wanting to bake my own bread pudding for months.


Molten lava cake and churros!


The molten lava cake is moist and one of the best lava cake that I have ever tasted. Its nicely coupled with delicious ice cream.

This is a dessert in its own league.


Churros and the pudding as dip. I swear I can finish this all by myself lol. Its so worth it to come here just for dessert. Despite the multiple times that I have been here, I never get sick of the dessert, but then again I am a fan of all desserts. Lol.

My company for the night is always a delight to be with. While they were talking, I was stoning away while busily eating and realized that the topic of conversations ranges from ‘my aches and pains’ to ‘what we can do to make ourselves healthier’. Lol. There is nothing wrong with this, its just that if you happened to overhear our conversations, you can probably guess all our ages. Lol.

Yes yes, our topics of conversations expand and grow like us. Its not a bad thing, things change as we grow older and we move along with the changes. As we transform ourselves into our true selves, we find comfort in those who are similar to us. Similar wants, similar likes, similar taste and similar goals. We gravitate towards each other like bees to honey and that is why the people we are close with in our adulthood are those most likely to stay with us till our golden years.

So these people have been closely knitted to me for a few years and they know all the different sides of me, and yet they are still here with me.I am thankful for their presence, a true gift bestowed to me by the Creator.


Happy birthday to one of the most caring, thoughtful and nicest person I know! Stay healthy and happy and enjoy life to the fullest! Life is too precious and too short to worry. Laugh a lot and let’s continue to fangirl about korean dramas with me. Lol.


We love you thhhhiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much! Muacks!

J’s Restaurant:

7 Purvis Street, #01-01
Singapore (188586)