Of cute coffee and pretty cakes

I love holidays. Since most of my friends work in schools too, we treasure holidays because its the only time we can meet for brunch. On our normal working days, even a decent breakfast is a luxury. Its usually a five minutes ‘gobble up your food as fast as you can or you will go hungry’ breakfast at our work desk.

The plan was to meet at 11 am but Nurul was running late from work. I really appreciate Mich coming over the east side to meet us! Since she has never been here much, I brought her to Chock Full of beans for coffee.


No doubt Chock Full of Beans has built quite a reputation with their cute coffee art so we did not want to miss out on it. We were not too fussy so we did not really make any special request. Mich asked the staff to surprise her and they did a panda for her!


I requested mine to be anything as long as its cat and they gave me this!


I love it! Its really too bad they are not halal certified, thus I was not able to give any review of the food. I love how the coffee comes with caramelized biscuits.


Chock Full of Beans:

Blk 4 Changi village road #01-2090

Singapore 500004

After we were done, we made our way to The Finest Tea Shop, just 5 minutes walk from Chock Full of Beans. Actually this whole Changi Village has so many little cafes that you can check out.

We finally arrived with the help of GPS. Lol. We actually walked one big round. Oh well, it was good exercise.


The place was empty! We were early for lunch.


The interior and design of the cafe was lovely. It gave a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling to whoever enters it.


However, what caught my eye was the counter!


So many desserts to choose from! I made a mental note to order a light lunch and I did! Their lunches generally consisted of sandwiches but they do have mee rebus and nasi lemak as lunch sets.


Nurul is finally here! Celebrating her belated birthday part one. Lol.


Those are not cds of our favourite band. They are simply posters that i received from buying the albums lol.  I cut up into cards and laminated them. Its still pretty right?


Its finally time for dessert! There were so many different types of cupcakes available but we were not really into cupcakes so we ordered the rest of the desserts available. Lol.


The cakes were very pretty but my favourite was the ovaltine cheese tart that simply melted in my mouth. Heck, I think I can finish it all by myself lol. I would come back just for it.


Even though a simple gathering among of friends over lunch may seem trivial to you, for us, its precious. Perhaps its precious because we almost never get to do this in the midst of our busy work and personal life.


Therefore, no matter how busy you are, make time for simple get together with friends. They will rejuvenate you and you will feel recharged. Such gatherings will make you happy if you are sad and if you are already happy, it will make you happier.

Such is the wonderful gift of friends.Thank you dearest friends.

The Finest Tea Shop:

4 Changi Village Road #01-2060