Things to do in Batam (Day 2)

The best thing about staying over in Batam or Malaysia hotels are the free buffet breakfast! Its worth waking up early just to eat. Lol.


Scrumptious breakfast because everything was halal.



After breakfast we decided to go for a swim and guess what? The whole pool was empty!


The pool was not really on the rooftop. It was on the fourth floor and you can see the open sky while you swim. If you choose not to swim, you can still chill and lounge around.


That’s what my parents did.


My two nieces were to excited to play in the pool!


Of course being the big kid that I am, I had to join them!


I have been craving for a swim for ages and I was not going to let this chance slip by me. The kids section of the pool was not deep at all, I stayed there for a while but if I were to stay any longer, I worry the water may dry up. So I switched to the adult pool while still staying close to my 2 nieces.

Cravings satisfied, it was time to pack up and go home.


The waiting time to check out took too long so …………..


Our ferry was scheduled to leave only at 3.20 pm but we were advised to go earlier because of the massive crowd. We arrived at the ferry terminal early and did our Zohor prayers first. I love how the ferry terminal has a conveniently located musollah.


We had some time to shop and grab some food but we had to be mindful of the time. I will never ever want to miss any flight or ferry ever again so I was more paranoid than the rest. Lol.

After grabbing a quickl lunch with the bestie we reunite with my cuzzie and family at Jco.


We had a few minutes and how can we leave Batam without buying the avocado cuppaccino?


We also could not resist not ordering the frozen yogurt so I ordered a medium one and in 5 minutes it was gone thanks to my nieces. Lol.

We managed to come back in time and get into the really long queue to board. Wow I have been to Batam many times but never have I ever been in this kind of long queue. Gosh. Perhaps its not a good idea to go home on a Sunday.

After seems like forever we were finally in our ferry with seats near to each other. Yay!


Even though this was a last minute and short trip, I am really glad I went. The short time spent with my nieces was precious and full of happy memories. We seldom get to do this and the kids grew up too quickly.


Therefore its important to spent as much time with them. Perhaps next time we can go for a longer trip! Perhaps we can go one soon before I aged too much! Lol.

I also loved how my 2 nieces kept calling me ‘Kak Nani’ like how their mum call me! Lol! I act young ok! Hahaha.