Happy birthday to my bestie and best travel buddy!

My busy schedule must have thrown me off, I have not done a single thing for the bestie’s birthday. Usually I would prepare a month in advance but 3 days away from her actual birthday and I have done nothing.

So yesterday, after coming from from KB I quickly dug out all our old travel photos and made this simple collage to put on her facebook wall. Yup, its tradition to do this every birthday. Lol.


I took longer than expected because there were so many photos of us that it was difficult to choose 12 for this collage. I finally decided to only include her solo photos at the various places that we have traveled to.

It was impromptu but I thought it still looked nice. I finally went to sleep at 1 am. I could have finished earlier but as you know, I am OCD.

Actually, I also wanted to surprise her by sending a cake over to her house but all the bakeries told me that I had to order 3 days in advance. I was early yesterday and had some time so I left my big bag in the gym and went out to look for bakeries who can help me deliver cake today.

But none could take my request! The delivery charges were ridiculously high too. I was about to give up and saw Famous Amos and asked if they could carve out her name and they said yes! Hooray! The only bad thing is, I had to deliver them myself.

I was cursing myself, I should have prepared it all earlier but my mental state of mind was not right these past few weeks.

So today, finally after my last meeting with a parent, I rushed over to Tampines to pick this up and went over to the bestie’s house!


There was no one in the house so I left it on the doorstep! Lol. Hope you liked it!

We will celebrate proper once she is done with exams ok! Stay healthy and pass the exams with flying colours, get a better paying job and treat me to a trip overseas. Anywhere is fine, look at how nice your photos are. Its totally worth it to bring me along. Lol.


Why she is the best travel buddy? Mainly because she can read maps and she knows my undying need of caffeine to stay awake lol.