Walking the rain @ Children’s Playground, Gardens By the Bay

On Deepavali public holiday, the plan was to bring Humairah to the Childrens’ Playground at Gardens by The Bay but a parent requested a last minute tuition session in the morning. So I went to teach at 9 am. The parents picked up an hour later. I wanted to go early to avoid the crowd but was not left with a choice today.

It was pretty gloomy and the sky was dark. I was praying hard that it would not rain. We finally made it there at about 11.15 am.


I brought my camera along because I miss taking pictures with it and with this girl around, she is the perfect person to model for me. Lol.


The childrens’ playground is actually free of charge. Yes, surprise! We do have places that do not require any fee when we enter right here in Singapore. It is very rare, but it exist. I first knew about this place when we were researching for places for our students. I was here in September and the students had so much fun at the water play that I really wanted to bring my little cuzzie here too.

Unfortunately, right before we stepped into the Children’s Playground, the staff made announcement for everyone to clear the area as there was a lightning risk alert. Haiz. We did not even get to play at all.

While waiting for the rain to stop, I decided we should walk around first. It was slightly drizzling.


Even though the place was man made, I really love the greenery.


Taking photos at one of the best spots.


I had to persuade her to stand there with me so we can take a decent photo. She was actually scared of falling into the water. Lol.


Squeeze head photo with the family….and I look like crap.


There were so many pretty flowers and we tried to convert her into a flower girl. Lol.


Orange flowers!


Love this shot! Mum was showing her how to pose with the flowers but it looked like she was trying to teach her how to smell the flowers instead. Lol.


This is my favourite photo of her! The smile, the angle and the background, it was perfect.


My little cuzzie looked so small here.


Made her pose for photos even though it was raining. It was a slight drizzle and she seems to enjoy all the attention on her. Lol.


Love how soothing this was to my eyes.



My favourite shot of us! She was so timid she was scared of everything. I climbed up this rock and pose for a photo and that was when she came and wanted to climb too.

I am such an awesome example. Lol.


The water lilies are so pretty. This is a rare sight in Singapore. We usually surrounded with concrete high rise buildings.


So I made my parents pose for this photo.


That includes me. The rain will not stop me or spoil my mood.


Taking a break in the shelter when the rain started to get heavier.


There’s always time for dessert.


This ridiculously overpriced dessert cost me $10 but its so pretty.


Look who was getting bored from waiting.


The rain was getting heavier and there was nothing to do but wait and enjoy the dessert.


However it looked like the rain is not going to stop. We walked back to the playground to check and the alert was still on. We decided to leave. Haiz. Perhaps next time we can come again.

Someone was sad she did not get to play.


Hahaha….but she seemed to enjoy our company and the food.


Time to leave, let’s say goodbye to the hippos ok?


Looking for things to play and she was sliding on this stone while waiting for the car. Lol.


We will definitely be back! Hopefully it will not be raining then!

The Childrens’ Playground @ Gardens By The Bay is closed on Mondays.

Hours and Admission:

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Last admission at 6:30 PM

Weekends & Public Holidays: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Last admission at 8:30 PM