Why travel now?

A while ago, while having a meal with Bon and the bestie at the airport, they wanted a confirmation whether or not I will be coming along with them to the trip in June 2015. Actually when they decided June 2015, I was unsure if I could follow because we JUST came back from Europe and it was too far into the future to even think about it. Along the way, through SNS and group WA, I half made up my mind to go along. I mean, when else can I do this? Furthermore, the girls are the best people to travel with because they do all these research and they are good at directions so I know I am in good hands. I am unfortunately not good in either so I thought I definitely should leverage and tag along.

I was slightly shocked when Bon revealed that she had already booked her air ticket! 8 months in advance! While its great to book early because you usually pay lesser price, I am still apprehensive in booking for trips too early.


Its because I have always believe that life is so unpredictable that its difficult for me to think about something so far ahead in the future. I even renewed my gym membership on a yearly basis when I could have bought the 3 or even 5 year package. It would be cheaper if I did that.

Perhaps I worry that one day I cannot do the same things I can do today. I was told by the doctor my knees cannot last till 40 years old so if you were me, would you think and do the same things as I am doing?

At the back of my mind accepted this harsh fact, but I still had this little hope that I can and I will last till beyond 40 years old. I really want to live an active and healthy lifestyle even beyond 40 years old, insyaAllah with God’s will. I was not going to sit around to wait for this misfortune to happen. I can still dance and do it all now right? Why should I stop? I should take advantage of this information and make sure I fully utilize all that I can before my ‘deadline’.

So I told myself that I would go. I do not know when else I can do this.

I mean, the memories accumulated when you travel is priceless. The experience of being in a new place, the rush for flights, the panic when you miss the train or realized you are in the wrong bus, the frustrations of not being able to communicate in the native language to ask for directions, the worry of having not enough money, I must say that travel itself is a whole lesson on independence.

Its taking yourself out of comfort zone. You know what happens when you leave your comfort zone? You grow as a person.

If you have the chance to travel with a close one, a family member or a close friend, you will somehow multiply your experiences and grow together.


While surfing last night, I came across this article about diabetes that someone posted on facebook. Out of curiosity, I started to read it because I always worry about my dad. We do have a history of diabetes in the family and like me, Dad has a sweet tooth too. They had 10 signs of pre-diabetes and guess what? I fulfilled 3 of the major signs. One of them being a visual sign that I can see clearly even now.

I don’t recall my dad having more signs than me and I started to feel paranoid.

All the more reasons to go travel while I can right?

All the more reasons to live life to the very fullest right? This is what I mean by unpredictability. Life is unpredictable. I can continue to expect the best but I also know that change can happen anytime.


I shall take better care of my food intake and health now, even more than before. My knees are already degenerating at a fast rate. What if one day, I cannot walk without the help of a cane or a walking stick? I will not be able to go hike the mountains anymore.

So, if you ask me now, of course I am not ready. I am never ready for anything…………but I just have to take the plunge. I need to do this for me. I cannot wait any longer.


Its a terrible thing, in life, to wait until you are ready. No one is ever ready to do anything. There is no such thing as ready. There is only now. Generally, now is the best time to do all that you have always wanted to do.

Now is the time.

All photos taken in Langkawi 2011.