Little cute furry friends

Since we were not able to enter the cat cafe on Monday, and today was the only free day we had, le bestie and me decided to meet for a while at the cat cafe. We were advised by the cat cafe staffs to come in the morning so that its not crowded so the plan was to meet at 10.30 am.


However I was soooo late. I only reached at 11 am. We were glad that there were not many people. So many cats but this one who was lounging on the table near the window caught my eye because she looked so much like Chloe and Bedah.


Actually I am surprised le bestie is not scared of cats anymore. Hahaha. This is a big accomplishment considering that I can still remember how scared she was of Bedah in my old house. Lol.


This is Elly and she seemed to like hanging out with us.


I wanted to take a photo with her but she did not like to be forced to look into the camera lol.


Instead, she preferred to stay under my long dress.


I learned that she was one of the most playful in the cafe. Is this why I found her trying to do some acrobatic moves dear the window pane?


Ordered some coffee to help me keep sane. We were entitled to a free drink but this ‘atas’ coffee cost me an extra $3 ok.


Most of the cats were sleeping peacefully and we were not allowed to disturb them or wake them up.


They looked like they are sleeping so comfortably, even without such rules, I could not bear to disturb them.


Too cute…..its things like this that makes me wish I am a cat myself.


Another one that caught our eyes! Its the biggest and fluffiest cat in the cafe!


This is Expresso!!


Its so fat and cute because of its short legs!


However everyone wanted to play with him that he got too arrogant for his own good hahaha.


Other cats were also hanging out minding their own business.


Some were reflecting upon their life choices.


Some just woke up from their sleep and were grumpy.


Some wanted to be with us and keep track of everything we do…..


But then, she got tired and decided to take a nap.


I really like how they have every cat in frames. From here, we learnt the names of the cats and their colourful personalities.


Well, there was cake so……….


While we were absorbed in conversing about our trip, someone was creeping up on us.


Perhaps she found le bestie’s fingers fascinating. She was there for a long time…..and then went on to rest on my seat.


Leaving me to sit on the floor with no cushion. I like this place because its so cozy and spacious.


Before leaving we managed to steal some photos with our little furry friends.


Funny how le bestie is scared of some cats yet she has more photos with the cats than me the cat lover. :p

The Cat Cafe

Bugis Village, 241B Victoria St s188030 (Bugis)

$15 per entry (with a complimentary soft drink)

Top ups Available to upgrade drinks to coffee/tea/juices

Age requirement: 6 & Above only. Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults

Operating Hours:

Monday: 3pm to 10pm

Tuesday – Sunday, Public Holiday: 10am to 10pm