Short escape @ Batam

11 September 2013

Contrary to popular belief, I have not been to Batam for 2 years. We usually go there mainly for spa and seafood but I have been travelling to different places for the past 2 years so I have not had the chance to go back to Batam again. Furthermore, it has been a really busy year and I felt that I needed to get away even for a short while before term 4 starts.

This trip almost did not happen. I was supposed to go with the family but they were so indecisive that sis in law and me decided to just go ahead without them. After much discussion about the date, we finally settled on going on Wed and Thur. It was so hard to find a common day that all of us could make it. Sis in law with her friend and bestie and me.


Upon arrival, we immediately headed for the spa. It felt so good! I have not had such a good massage for a long time and my body is all aching and stiff.

We were early and so we decided to go to the hair salon as well. I am dying to have my hair in dyed in red!

And I did!

Looking very happy with our new hairstyle but of course you cannot see it from this picture. Lol.


Time to check into our hotel! I am shocked by the see-through bathroom! Lol.


Thankfully there was a blind! I am close to the bestie but not THIS close. HAHAHA . Even the bestie’s cousin was amazed by the bathroom haha.

Time for seafood dinner! If you are in Batam and you do not have seafood dinner, that is just plain stupid. Batam is one of the cheapest place to have a scrumptious seafood dinner. Its less than half the price in expensive Singapore so each time we are in Batam, we never fail to splurge on big seafood dinner. 

4Cereal prawns are my absolute favourite! I can eat the whole plate by myself! #greedy


Really thankful to Ellie who drove us! It would have been troublesome to get a cab.


Eating under the moon! How lovely! Being next to the sea was cooling. Imagine listening to the sound of the waves while enjoying your seafood dinner.


The seafood dinner was so cheap. We only paid about $85! Gosh. I was starving because I was the only one who did not have my lunch!

We were the last few to leave so can you imagine us doing this while the waiters wait?!


Happy with the meal! All the plates were clean!

Happy with today too. Whole day of spa and massage, all pampering! If only everyday is like this.

On Day 2, I always look forward to breakfast because its a luxury for me to eat breakfast in a leisurely manner. I am excited when I get to my favourite meal in a buffet.


Getting ready to check out of the hotel!


We had some time so we went to Megamall to shop around. There was not much to shop so we ended up going for lunch early.

Kway teow with too many onions and squids!


While waiting for our food to arrive. We actually took a long time to decide where to eat because there were so many choices to choose from! We were totally spoilt for choice.


The personal care products and groceries here are so cheap so we decided to go to the super market. We still had an hour left so………..

Tea break! Macaroons and coffee! Finally! Good coffee!


Heading back to Singapore. The trip was short but worthwhile! Can’t help feeling slightly sad.


Oh well, it was a short term break anyway. Can’t wait for a longer holiday so we can plan a travel destination that is much further and more exciting!