When the sun shines @ Sun Alliance (Tampines)

Unexpectedly I was free today so I headed over to Tampines to see my Mad! The shop is almost done and I was just as excited as her.

Its been 2 weeks since I last see her so of course I miss this sotong partner of mine. Lol.


Actually I thought the shop looks better than the one at the previous location. Perhaps its the warm and loving nature of the owners!


The place was so cosy and it was a perfect environment for some healing time. Guess who showed up later?


We were the first to try out the equipment and the sofa was so comfortable, we felt like sleeping there. A while later, guess who else showed up?


So we were all there trying out the equipment and gossiping. Lol. Its only been 2 weeks since I last saw them and I already miss them!

Super duper proud of Mad for venturing out and doing this! It takes a big leap of faith to do business, yes I know, because I did it before and its never easy. The journey will be full of challenges but at the end of the day, what makes it all worth is the good health and smiles of customers.

In doing business, I have learnt that one cannot only think of making money. That is only a small part of it. A successful business owner needs to think bigger, to impact more people, touch more lives and business will naturally come like bees to flowers. That is the right way to do business.

I think there are no better person to do this than Mad and Eric, mainly because one can sense that they are good natured human being and you will be able to instantly tell by the way they speak to every individual, regardless of their religion, race or social status.

Which is why I am pretty confident that they will achieve the long awaited and overdue success.


I am also a firm believer of health and wellness for many years. I made all my family members eat supplements and keep nagging them about all the dangers of eating unhealthy and fatty food. For me, the journey is no longer about losing weight, its about being healthy and fit.

Health itself is wealth and it really pains me to see people neglecting or worse, destroying their own health. That is truly a selfish act because when you do not care about your health, and when you fall sick, the people suffering is not only you, its your family and loved ones too.

Therefore, its always better to take precautions now. Sun Alliance use an advance technology that will make you feel better about your body, regardless of whether you are unwell or not. I have seen the positive effects on my parents and even myself which is why I am able to endorse this.

You can always drop by for trial. My lovely Mad will be happy to explain how the technology works and how you can make use of this technology to improve your health.

If you are a contact of mine, just mention my name like as if I am a big shot lol.

Sun Alliance (Tampines Branch)
802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-11 S520802.

I am currently going there for face therapy and knee therapy. I am loving it! 😀