Time to recharge @ Batam

22 March 2011

This was really a last minute trip. Initially the plan was to go to Desaru and there were suppose to be 3 of us. However, after Fifi pulled herself out, I was sceptical if we can proceed with the trip. We canceled going to Desaru because transportation was problem. We finally decided on a spa / massage trip to Batam instead. And we did it! Ferry was scheduled to leave at 7.50 am which meant that I have to leave the house at 6 am.

Upon arrival, we had to pick our boarding passes up and headed towards the cafe for breakfast since we has some time to kill. 


You will notice that I have a lot of the bestie’s pictures because there was only the 2 of us so we kept taking each other’s pictures. Hahaha. Enjoying the breeze on the ferry.

3Much needed break from crazy work!

2The room was on the first floor and it has a great view from our balcony. It was spacious and the bed was so big and cosy. We immediately jumped onto the bed!

4As we were planning our itinerary for the day, we realised that the famous Tea Tree Spa at Holiday Inn itself was expensive. It was almost the same price as the spas in Singapore. We decided to head to town to look for cheaper deals. At this point, we have yet to make any appointment with any spa whatsoever.

Our room was on the first floor and we love the view of the pool!


We headed to Nagoya for lunch! As usual, we are excited about the food! Lol.

5We walked around to look for spa. It turned out that there are spas way cheaper than Tea Tree but of course the ambience are not as nice as Tea Tree. We finally decided to go for this package deal comprising of body scrub, body masque, full body aromatherapy massage and this spa called Eska. The massage was sooooooooooooooooooo relaxing. I almost felt asleep. This was the first time I experience going for body scrub and body masque and the experience was so shiok.

We spent almost 4 hours there. By the time we were done, we rushed to get dinner. Our driver was suppose to pick us up at 5 pm and we were done at 4pm. 1 hour to look for food and shop. The mall was so big and we hardly had any time to shop. Furthermore, we felt like sleeping after the massage. Lol.

We spent the night at our room simply because our original plan to try our the Tea Tree Spa was canceled. They were fully booked. The earliest we could go was the next day, right before we leave.

Since we were there, we decided that we might as well try out the much talked about spa. Woke up to rainy weather…such a nice weather to sleep and nothing to do. Such bliss..after breakfast, head to the pool for a 1 hour swim and we totally terrorised the jacuzzi there. Time seems to pass by so fast and before we knew it, it was time to come up and packed up before we go to our spa appointment at 11 am.

The area around the hotel was nice so we simply took a walk around.

6We were excited to see water lilies. #deprived

8Hope the other hotel guests did not think we were crazy taking photos. Lol.

9We were kinda sad that we had to leave so soon, seemed like we JUST arrived to our cosy room. Oh well, perhaps next time we can stay longer and pamper ourselves more!

10Turns out that the Tea Tree Spa was totally worth the cost. We had a private villa all to oursleves, with 2 ladies servicing us. Nurul had her cream bath and hair treament for 1/5 hours and I had a foot massage for 1 hour. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful and totally made me feel zzzzzzzzzzz…

Can you see her here? Hehe.

12To experience body massage or the other packages that they have would have cost a lot more. I guess perhaps we can try it the next time. Even though it was a super short trip, I totally felt rejuvenated and relaxed. We really should do this more often because our daily life in Singapore is so hectic, we hardly have any time to pamper ourselves like this.

13Going on this trip with the bestie was also easy because we have known each other for many years and we do not have a problem coming up with a decision together. I must say the only thing that I did not love was the ferry ride simply because I get sea sick and felt like puking! 2 hours after I landed on Singapore land, I still felt giddy.

This must be the effects of getting old!