Book Review: You can be the happiest woman in the world. (Dr A’id Al-Qarni)


When I first saw this book in a book store in Mecca for umrah, I immediately took and purchased it. You know how some books just call out to you, you may not even have the initial plan to buy anything but the moment your eyes lay on the book that reaches out to your heart, you have got to purchase it, regardless of the price.

Anyway, this book was not expensive at all. All the gems that you are going to get from this book is way more than the price you pay at the counter.

“Take what comes to you and give thanks.” (Quran 7 : 144)

Out of all the lessons from this book, I took away the lesson on gratitude. This brilliant author had reminded us that no one is ever completely happy and we should always give thanks to all the things that happened to us, both the good and the bad. How many times have we found ourselves whining away about life’s unfavoured circumstances? The author reminded us that……..

“Verily with every difficulty there is relief.” (Quran 94: 6)

I have always believed that you will never really be depress if you allow yourself to see the bigger picture in life. Here, the highlight of the book is how wonderful and unique women were created. She is a daughter, a mother and a wife, 3 roles that play a huge role in the lives of men. Serving well in this 3 roles will easily earn her paradise.

I wish I can share more things with you about the book, but I think the best is that you read the book yourself and allow it to speak to you. I took so long to finish reading this book, mainly because life was too hectic and it was only in my recent holiday in Thailand that I was able to finish reading this book. I had the wonderful experience of reading this book in front of the seas, with the light breeze brushing my face and the clouds shading me from the sun. It was the peaceful setting that I needed to clear my mind and absorb the words from the book.

There are so many pointers in the book but I shall share with you 10 pointers that I will give you a head start to living a happier life.

1. You are notable and honourable
2. Accept the blessings and make the most of it
3. Seek forgiveness
4. Dua (invocation) relieves distress
5. Beware of despair and frustration
6. Your house is a kingdom of glory and love
7. You do not have time for idle talk *
8. Be cheerful at heart and let the universe embrace you
9. No one is ever completely happy
10. Enter the garden of knowledge

Number *7 is my favourite. Idle talk is not only a waste of time, it corrupts your mind. Its better to stay quiet unless you can improve the silence.

‘If you give in to despair, you will learn nothing and you will never find happiness.’

‘The way to happiness is in front of you, so seek it by means of knowledge, righteous deeds and a good attitude. Be moderate in all your affairs and you will be happy.’

I have decided to dedicate some time to being happy this year. I went through so much stress last year, mainly from work, from having my knees injured and from getting my heart broken. Looking back, I felt that it was such a waste of time and emotion. I could have spent all those time reading and spending time getting close to the Almighty.

I am so glad I picked this book up, this is one of the books that I read and re-read.

‘The happiest man is the one who makes the largest number of people happy.’

I hope you are one of them.