5 reasons why you should visit Siam Paragon when you are in Bangkok


In my virgin visit to Bangkok, I visited the Siam Paragon and I loved it so much. This is odd because there are so many shopping malls just like Siam Paragon in my homeland. However, I fell in love with the food place and here is why you should definitely visit Siam Paragon when you are in Bangkok.

1) There are so many GREAT food places to choose from


The bestie and me were excited to see this unique restaurant shaped like a truck! Apart from this, the basement is full of restaurants and cafes to choose from. We were almost spoilt for choice! 

2) FOOD and more FOOD

Along with so many great restaurants and cafes, delicious food can be found everywhere in Siam Paragon. If given more time, I think the bestie and me could have spent the whole day in Siam Paragon hopping from one cafe to another.


More food.  Despite the extravagant designs and ambience of the restaurants and cafes, the prices of the food were reasonable and cheap! The seafood dinner we ate costs us only S$16 per person and we ordered quite a lot of dishes!


3) Great supermarket


This is the best place to go to for you to get snacks to bring home for your families and friends. The bestie and me went crazy and went overboard buying all the local snacks here and the fact that we could pay by credit card MAY tempt you to spiral out of control.

We did spiral out of control willingly. I could not help but buy this bottle of green sauce home. I tasted it at the seafood restaurant and fell in love with it immediately. Yes, love is blind.


We also bought lots of this seaweed snack which was only available in Thailand even though the brand ambassador is a korean star. This is Kyu bb! How can we bear to eat and throw this wrapper away? Lol.


4) You can buy a car here.


Because initially I did not know where I can buy a BMW for myself.

5) Its pretty….. not just because we were tourists


We felt like the entire mall was nicely and elegantly decorated. We had to stop the urge to to stop and take photos all the time. HAHAHA. 

Perhaps its a good thing we were full and we only had an hour to spare before rushing back to check out of the hotel. I am pretty sure we would be eating non stop if we had more time.

Our time here in Bangkok was too short. I can’t wait to go back to Bangkok and Siam Paragon to try all the food places! Am I crazy?