Letting go and beautiful patience


A lot has been said about letting go. How when things go bad and we are casually told to ‘Let go’ or ‘Forgive and forget’ by people who may be clueless about what we are really going through. 

The truth is, its never easy to ‘let go’. It requires a high level of maturity, acceptance and patience. I really do not think anyone can do this as easily.

Was it difficult for me? Of course it was, it took me a long to time to understand why bad things happened the way it did. 

In the end, I am proud to say that I finally ‘let go’, not because I love lesser, but because i have faith in Almighty’s better plan for me. 

So be patient with gracious patience.

Indeed, they see it [as] distant,

But We see it [as] near. (Quran 70:5-7) 

Photo taken in the train on the way to Zermatt, Switzerland in December 2013.