The act of writing


And so I have chosen to take out a piece of my heart, convert into words and place it here on this blog.

Its not only a compilation of my travels, its also a compilation of the laughters, the disappointments, the frustrations, the joy and the memories that I hope will forever stay etched in my mind.

Writing it all down feels like I am going through the experiences all over again, this time from a different perspective. Sometimes, when I looked and read back the entries, I feel like I am looking at all my memories, neatly filed away under the archives section.

This is the wonderful world of blogging.

Thank you to all my travel buddies who travelled with me and special thank you to everyone who has been reading and liking my entries so far. 😀

A lot more destinations awaits me, a lot more stories are waiting to be written and a lot more lessons are waiting to be learned.

My travel stories are far from over. 😀

Photo taken in Nami Island, South Korean in December 2012