Day 8: Eat, shop and laugh in Seoul

18 June 2013

Its day 8! Which means we to move out of our guest house in Angguk and move to another guest house in Hongdae. Hongdae area is more alive at night as its near the university and there are a lot of young people who like to chill at the cafes till late night.

Took the cab there. As soon as we arrived, we saw this! I love the words!


Our room was cosy too and we were warmly welcome by the owner. Since our luggages were pretty heavy, we were so glad that our room was in the basement! No stairs! Yay!


Taking a short break before going out for lunch. It was going to be our last 3 days in Seoul and we heard that the haze is pretty bad in Singapore. The last time we heard, the psi had reached 300 and that was alarming! We were just glad that we are not there!

Lunch! This was surprisingly delicious!


Today was supposed to be our shopping day so we were walking around Myeongdong area. Just a tip, if you plan to go to Myeongdong to shop, do not plan to go anywhere else after that. This is mainly because, you will find yourself shopping non stop and before you know it, you will be carrying multiple paper bags.

Perhaps we came an expensive country, we found the things in Myeongdong cheap and we could not resist buying a of things such as face masks, bags, clothes, accessories etc. Its like a disneyland for shopaholics.

The plan was to visit Kona Beans after Myeongdong but our hands were full of bags that we decided to head back to our guest house to deposit the damages done for the day.

After resting, we headed to Kona Beans to chill. We did not get to visit Kona Beans the last time we were in Seoul. It was raining and we had to walk quite a distance from the subway station.

Finally here. The cafe was huge and it was not crowded too.


This cafe was jointly opened by Leeteuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun’s families. Its a franchise all right, but this outlet will stand out from the other Kona Beans because its mostly known to ELFs. If you are an international ELF in Seoul, you may want to visit this place.

There were so many desserts to choose from! After a few minutes of being fickle minded, we finally made our choice. Our sinful dessert. What’s holiday without dessert right? Haha.


The cafe has so many fan-arts and letters from all over the world!! We were amazed by the so many photo books that were handmade by ELFs worldwide.


Plus, so many letters. I wonder if the boys really read them all.


Some of them were really nice and pretty. A lot of effort and time were obviously put into it. If I did such a pretty photobook, I would rather keep it for myself lol.

This fanart of Leeteuk is really so cute!!


The bestie was disappointed that Sungjin was not around haha. We even found gifts for Sungjin even though he is not a celebrity haha. Perhaps he has his own fanbase too lol.


Really amazed by all the fanmade things in the cafe. No wonder Leeteuk and the boys always appear so touched and appreciative of ELFs.

Address: Kona Beans Apgujeong
1F, 640-9, Sinsadong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul, South Korea.