Day 7: Cafe hopping in Seoul

17 June 2013

We have been very excited about today! Our plan is to visit the house set from the Korean Drama Full House. I have been a Korean Drama addict since coming back from Korea last December, thanks to Joyce. This show, Full House was one of the first shows she loaned to me and even after watching a dozen Korean dramas, Full House still tops my list.

Its not just about being a Korean drama fan, the house used in the set was a beach house and its beautiful. It was like a dream house. I was thinking to myself, if only I get to stay in a house like this, I would die happily.

Since the bestie and me decided to come to Seoul again this June, I made the bestie promise to watch this show. She has heard about how good this show was, but she has not watch it. She promised to watch it before we leave for Korea and amazingly, even with her busy work and school schedule, she did! Yay! So now, she can understand my excitement about the house.

The house was situated in Incheon which means its a long train ride, a ferry ride and bus ride away. We predicted that the whole journey could last up to 2 hours but we decided that it will be worth it.

While we were getting ready to go, for some reason, I decided to check online once more to make sure we got the directions right so as not to waste time. I stumbled upon the blog of this ang moh guy who, like us, went to Incheon to visit the beautiful house of Full House. Upon reaching, to his horror, he found out that the house has been demolished!

For a few minutes, we were sitting in disbelief! We went to check online again to make sure that the information we just read was legit and it really was! Imagine our disappointment! It was JUST demolished a few months ago!

Being bummed getting slapped by this news, we took a while to decide what to do for the day. Finally pulled ourselves together and head out to Gangnam for lunch.


This was not good at all. There was not much choices in this Japanese Restaurant and I had no idea that they were going to mix taugeh with the rice. Argh! I sooo hate taugeh! Do not ever make me eat it.

However, since I was already hungry, I did force myself to eat the taugeh rice but I could hardly finish it. I think I ate less than half. As if that was not bad enough, I forgetfully left my knee guard in the restaurant when we left. I took off my knee guard during lunch and I FORGOT to wear it back. I knew that there was going to be a lot of walking in Seoul so I was wearing my knee guard all the time as a safety precaution.

The bestie suggested walking back to the restaurant to get it back but I did not want to waste time and we were already quite far from the restaurant.

So we headed to Du Sel Brillant!


Beautiful potted plants and flowers greeted us at the entrance!


I fell in love with the ambience of the cafe immediately.


The cafe actually has a basement to it. Yes, its 2 levels! We went down to the basement and there was no one there! Its really a pretty cafe!


Actually the bestie has been wanting to visit this cafe. Also, we have heard great reviews about this place so here we are!

What was also nice about this place is that you will receive a stalk of rose when you order your food! The bestie was so happy about that and yes she carried that stalk of rose with her the WHOLE day lol.


Our pretty dessert!


There was no one around so we were taking photos everywhere.


Trying out a different camera setting.


This place was a really nice place to chill. Even the bathroom was really pretty. We were there for about 2 hours before making our way to Lotte World.

We are actually here at Lotte Word to visit the Star Gallery that was featuring SJ. We could not really locate it so we went to the information counter to ask. To our disappointment (again!), we found out that the gallery was closed down!

I think our hearts really bruised badly today.

There was nothing much to do so we walked around to so some window shopping. Ice skating rink! I have always wanted to ice skate. I have never done it at all and I remember I have been wanting to do this since I was 16 years old.


Time for dinner. Too lazy so we had fast food. Check out this shrimp nugget in heart shape.


When we were having dinner, we could hear screams of girls. It sounds like there was a performance somewhere in the building. So we walked around and found out that the boyband Vixx was performing in Lotte World. We could not see much, but we could hear the song, the singing and the screams quite clearly. Good to be in an enclosed building lol.

Since we had nothing much to do today, we decided to spend the rest of the night at Mouse Rabbit. Of course I was hoping that Yesung will be there. He has been there everyday for the past few days but judging by our bad luck today, I was quite sceptical.

The place was pretty crowded but we somehow managed to find a place to sit on the second level. We went ahead to make our order.


I was here last December during winter but I had no idea who owns it and what all the commotion was about. In fact, I knew nothing about Suju the last time I was here. Today, barely 6 months later, I am an ELF and oddly too, my bias is none other than Yesung!

Saw this sign that made me laugh! Did the Ye family put up this sign after bestie leaned on the tree? Lol. The spelling error was also funny! Haha!


Our dessert! Mango!! Nom nom nom. Somehow eating dessert can make one feel better especially when we are feeling down or lousy.


It was also a nice place to chill and there was free wifi. No wonder everyone never budge from their seats. At about 8.00 pm, we heard commotions from the counter. I was still sceptical and told the bestie that perhaps some people were taking loudly.

The unconvinced bestie went down the stairs and checked. It turned out that – Yesung had arrived!! He was right there behind the counter taking orders. (Ok that explains the long queue)

OMG, I swear in that moment my mind went blank and I did not even know what to do. She rushed me to go down to queue and I asked back, “Order what?!” Lol.

We did join the queue and I was so nervous (I don’t know why!) and my fingers were cold. Even after being in the queue, I had no idea what to order so I told bestie to stand next to me in case my legs turn jelly and gave way or something lol.

We finally decided to order drinks. Remember, we ordered dessert before this so we do not really have drinks. If you know me, I am usually a pretty calm person so I really had no idea why I was so nervous. I was thinking, ‘OMG, this is my bias. Yes I love the whole group but for some weird reason, this guy here right in front of me is my favourite member, not just for his golden voice, but also because of his weird character and trademark octopus dance.’

When it was my turn, he was right there smiling waiting for us to say our order. I think he knows we are international fans. After verbalisating our order, he cutely repeated it (in English) and directed us to the next counter to collect our drinks. Even as I was passing him the notes I tried my super duper best NOT to appear shaking lol.

So we waited for our drinks, which required us to wait at the counter area for a while. There are others like us, waiting for their orders and just staring and they were just there looking at him. He was taller than expected and appeared really skinny with the Harry Potter glassed and cap.

He was GORGEOUS. His cute younger brother was there too.

After collecting our drinks, we went back upstairs (because it does not make sense to just continue staring at him lol). That was went the bestie said my face was pink.

Ok. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What happened to me??


I think I spent the next 2 hours still trying to calm down lol. There were some girls from Singapore too and one of them was crying because she was too overwhelmed to see Ye there. Yemum came over to to comfort her. So sweet. I love Yemum’s friendliness and affection for all the fans visiting the cafe.

Actually I really was surprised that he turned up. I think he was going to be there until closing. We had to leave because I needed to pee so the bestie waited for me outside the toilet. Apparently, he was hanging around THAT area checking how many customers were left in the cafe. I think they were getting ready to close the cafe for the day. When I came out from the toilet and washed my hands at the sink, I could see his reflection in the mirror walking to and fro checking the cafe.

He was so tall and skinny, he looks like a walking skeleton.

By this time, I had mostly calmed down so I told the bestie, we gotta buy something so we can talk to him again. Finally, I decided to get the tumblr and there was no queue at all!!

Walked straight there and pointed to the tumblr of Mouse Rabbit. He walked out a bit to make sure he could see what I was pointing at and then returned to the counter. He turned to look at both me and bestie and asked “Only one?”

The bestie looked at me with a ‘duh’ look and said, “Yes!”.

Was he expecting both of us to get it? Lol!

As I was paying I said to him, “You are too skinny, please eat more.”

Upon hearing my words, he paused for a while. “Skinny?’

He looked as though he was trying to digest what I just said, and went on to say ‘Ok‘ back to me with a nod and smile. I may have appeared really cool but I was actually melting there. ASGFDFHJGKL! Haha!

I can’t talk more because he will not understand me lol. Please go learn verbal English for the sake of all your international fans! 😀

So sooo charismatic! I said thank you and we headed towards to exit.

Anyway, I so loved my tumblr!! Saving the world with Mouse Rabbit!


I know the whole day has been pretty shitty but this one experience has really placed me on Cloud 9. I am a happy cloud of Yesung. Lol.


It was a real pity that we could not snap any photos of him because of his army enlistment and his privacy is something that we have to respect. I really wished we could snap a photo of him, especially being so near to me, it would have been more than a happy memory.

While we are sad that we will miss him in SS5sg happening in 2 weeks time, if he was not down for army, I would not have the opportunity to see him live like this.

I will definitely come back here the next time I visit Seoul, probably a few months before Ye comes back to join the group. Hopefully, he will still be serving at Mouse Rabbit!


I mean, it is his family business! 😀

How to get to Mouse Rabbit:
First you need to get to Line 2 (Green Line) Subway station. Take the train to Konkuk University. Then take Exit 2. Walk straight and turn left. After turning left, walk a bit more until you’ve reach a street light. Turn into the alley. The building is pretty big and its in white. 
*Please do not take photos of Yesung as he is currently serving the army. There are usually ELFs around to help keep a lookout as well so you do not want to get yourself into trouble with ELFs. 🙂
MoBit Address : MouseRabbit, 5-14, Hwayang-dong,
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea