Day 1: First day in Jeju Island!

11 June 2013

I truly underestimated the flight. My whole body was stiff sitting in the same position for 6 hours and I felt like a teletubby. Oh, we had to transit from KL and it was a long walk to the other plane.

After we arrived at Incheon Airport, we had to take this train to the main airport building. I do not remember all the hassle when we were here the last time. Apparently, we took Korean Air last year so there was no need to take any train back to the main airport building. It was also a direct flight from Singapore.

Since we paid lesser for the flight tickets this time, we had to bear with all the walking.

Once we picked up our luggages, we had to look for the bus to Gimpo Airport. As if being on the plane for about 7 hours was not exhausting enough, we still have another flight to catch to Jeju Island.

Breakfast at TLJ Gimpo Airport while waiting for our flight.


 Thats our plane! Gimpo Airport was much smaller and there were so many students around! I think they were having a school trip to Jeju!


 We are finally here at Jejueco Suites! Its in the middle of a jungle but I love the greenery that surrounds our guest house.


The very cosy lobby.


We love our room! Its was spacious and we especially liked our mini kitchen!


The view from our balcony.


The staffs were very friendly and hospitable and made sure we had everything that we needed when we checked it. After 5 airports and 3 planes, I could not wait to crash onto the cosy bed so I was glad that the briefing was short and sweet.

Since the guest house was in the middle of the jungle, we had to rely on the staff for transportation to town. The staff were very helpful. They offered to send up to the town area for dinner and then pick us up in 1.5 hours time. I really appreciate all the trouble.

I cannot remember the staff who drove us to town but not only he sent us to the restaurant that we wanted to go to, he even informed the restaurant owner that we did not eat meat. The restaurant owner was unable to speak English so it was really comforting to see our Jejueco staff reminding the restaurant owner that.

Ramen and rice cakes for our first dinner in Jeju.


We had some time to waste before our scheduled pick up time so we went to get some snacks. We bought all the snacks that were not available in Singapore! Lol. 


 The black bean soymilk is so delicious! I remembered buying in December in Sokchu and I have been craving it for 6 months. Lol.

Victor, the owner of Jejueco Suites himself came and picked us up. There were hardly any cars around so it took only 10 minutes to drive back.

I transferred some movies into my tablet and it was movie night with the bestie.


Day 1 is over. We are excited for tomorrow. Bestie, who was here in Jeju for the second time said that she was glad she picked Jejueco Suites this time round. Its so much more cosier and we really felt at home.

If you are from a very hectic and busy lifestyle in the city like us, you will really like your stay here. Its refreshing to be in amongst nature and I am sure you will enjoy the greenery that will help to calm your mind for a much needed rest.