Give me a hug (Nick Vujicic)

I was inspired to write this when I saw my cuzzie wrote a book review on her blog. Dear cuzzie, I think you know who you are! Haha! I used to be such a bookworm when I was younger and I could finish reading shelves of books in a short period of time. Nowadays, its so difficult to find the time to just sit and read. Or perhaps I have been reading a lot, but just not from books anymore. The internet can be a real stealer of time.

This book that I really love, took me a few minutes to finish reading because…. its a children’s book!


I first saw this book at little cutie’s place. It was actually a birthday gift to him. I was so excited to see the book, I took it into my hands and started to flip the pages busily. I made a mental note to myself to go get a copy for myself.

That is the thing about me. I still love reading and buying children’s books. My childhood was spent immersing myself in fictional stories that contributed to my wild imagination now. No complains, perhaps that is also why I love to write.

Anyway, why is this book so special? Firstly, Nick Vujicic is a well known figure. I first knew him after watching his video on youtube. I actually cried watching that video. After that, I was so inspired to know more about this amazing guy that I went to google about him. His stories did not fail me. I began sharing about him to my students and they all loved it too.

This book was written for children, thus the choice of words are simple to understand and there are illustrations on every page. I especially love the fact that the writer has broken down the lessons learnt into chapters, making it even easier to understand.

Even the start of the book itself was addictive. It was about Nick’s encounter with a little girl and how she tugged her arms behind her back before giving him a hug. She was pretending not to have arms too so as not to make him feel bad.

Little kids have the purest heart.

I will not reveal all the lessons here but my favourite lesson from this book was how an simple act of love can change another person’s life.

In this chapter, he revealed about a few individuals who contributed to him being a motivational speaker now. I really think its important to let someone know if they have been an inspiration to you. One should not feel embarrassed to share about this because, trust me, it will make his / her day when you do this.

Never underestimate a simple act of love. Of course, an act of love does not only mean telling them verbally how much you love them. An act of love can be making them cards to thank them, writing about them in your blog (this is what I usually do), bringing them food, assisting them with chores and my list can go on and on. There are so many acts of love that you can do to make someone feel happier.

For instance, for me, spending time with me is the biggest act of love! A meal together, some chit chat time, taking photos together, its pure bliss. And I am blessed to have many friends to do this with.

Another book about love languages you can read is ‘5 love languages’ by Gary Chapman. I read this book a few years ago but the values I have captured from the book still stays with me until today.


I really love how Nick is so positive about his life even when he is living it without limbs. I guess its easy to be depressed when we have things lacking in our lives, as compared to others. It takes a lot of faith to remain positive in such situations.

This book came to be at a perfect time. I have not been having the best of times these few months but I think God spoke to me through this book. I have not bought any book for a long time so I really think its a sign.

Even though this is a kids’ book, I still learnt much from it. The next book that is next my list of books to read is of course the adult version.


Can’t wait!